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Before the XML notices can be authorised for the publication in OJ S, the eSenders have to go through a qualification procedure. The procedure consists in the acceptance of your project and testing of your XML files that must comply with the standards defined by the Publications Office. The Publications Office provides to the software developers XML schemas and comprehensive documentation as support in creating their own applications. Using your EU Login account you can log in in eSentool.
Once you are logged into eSentool, you can register your company to become an eSender:

  1. Click on the "Create new eSender" link from the left menu;
  2. Fill the form and click on the "Submit" button;
  3. Check your mailbox (the one of your EU Login account) and confirm the registration;
  4. You are redirected to eSentool. Your new eSender identifier is displayed in the banner.
Only after a successful qualification which is composed of 2 phases the applicant becomes an operational eSender that can send notices in order to be published in OJ S.

We do not have specific requirements, apart from the successful qualification that proves the technical ability to send notices in XML. Each of the applicants is considered as a case per se.

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